Why Does my Needle Keep Breaking on My Embroidery Machine?

Why is my embroidery machine breaking needles

Sewing machines are quite different from embroidery machines. Similarly, computerized machines are different from simple sewing machines in accessories, features, and prices. Embroidery machines use a darning foot that is not actually down on the fabric. There is no feed dog under the fabric to hold it in place. It is used to create patterns and designs on textiles.

 The embroidery machines are used for decorating garments of various designs. There are many types of stitches and designs, it does like other sewing machines that include free motion and zigzag. It is easy to learn. First, you just understand the basics afterward you can easily operate it.

Like sewing machines, embroidery machines also create problems for sewers. Noise production and breaking of thread and needles are the problems with these machines. But here we will discuss the breaking of needles.

This webpage will educate you in a way, so this fault would not arise again in your machine. Every machine has some rules and regulations for its better performance. If these rules are not followed in a reliable way, it creates problems. There are two types of embroidery machines one is free motion and the other is computerized.

Reason for Breaking of Needles on Embroidery Machine

There are three reasons that cause the breaking of the needles which are stated below;

1. Improper Thread Tension

The improper thread tension also breaks the needle whether it’s a sewing or embroidery machine. Some sewers keep the tension too tight that don’t rotate well on fabrics. While some sewers adjust the tension so loose that the needle doesn’t run on the fabrics properly and breaks. 

Keep a keen sight of the thread tension whether it is loose or tight. Keep it balanced according to the projects and change the setting when one project is complete.

2. Use Suitable Needle

The needle plays a vital role in a sewing machine as you can’t sew without a needle. Having a needle in the machine is necessary while a non-suitable needle doesn’t run on fabrics and trying it again & again needle break. Every design is designed with different sorts of fabrics. Different needles require for different fabrics.

So, use a suitable needle in the machine that meets the requirement of fabrics. Don’t use the non-suitable types of needles to avoid needle breakage.

3. Too Tough Fabrics

Using tough fabrics also breaks the needle. Tough fabrics require more potential than rough and other simple fabrics. On tough fabrics, the needle doesn’t run well. Sewers use it in an improper way that results in the breaking of a needle. Before using a tough fabric is softened by applying heat and water. The softened fabrics work well in an embroidery machine.


Using machines carefully doesn’t cause problems. Following are instructions that are given in the packaging of the machine which are given below;

  • Always use the machine in a professional way so that its parts don’t get damaged.
  • Operate your machine according to the given instructions.
  • Set the thread tension according to the projects and change it before starting the other sort of work.
  • Use suitable needles that suit your fabrics.
  • It is difficult to design hard garments, so make them soft by applying heat and water.


As you know well that simple machines are different from embroidery machines. Embroidery machines are used for making designs on paper. These are also used for making readymade items and designing that simple machines can’t design.

You may face problems while using these machines like other types of machines. The major problem it creates is the breaking of needles. Some sewers don’t follow the instructions. They don’t adjust the thread tension in a proper way, it breaks the needle. Sometimes breaking a needle is not the fault of the machine because sewers don’t adjust the machine setting in the way that it requires.

Working according to the instruction doesn’t cause any sort of problem. Before getting the project to understand how you did it and what setting require for this project so that it does not create any problems during work. Make a routine to follow all the rules and instructions which enable your machine to work better.

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