Why My Sewing Machine Running Slowly

why my sewing machine running slowly

Sewing machines are the best tools for sewing clothes, trousers, cuffs, hems, etc. Everyone knows the importance of sewing machines because life is impartial without them. They are different types of sewing machines that differ from others according to their functions, accessories, and features. Sewing machines are of two types, one is electric, and the other is mechanical. So, their functions and problems should be of various types.

As there is a difference in sewing machines, the difference should stand between beginners’ and experts’ sewers. The beginner sewers did not aware of the maintenance rule and regulations of sewing machines; on the other hand, experts are well informed about the functioning and maintenance of sewing machines. Sewing machines also require proper maintenance of essential parts vital in sewing-high-quality projects.

If a sewer did not look after its sewing machine at a specific time, it creates problems and does not perform well according to sewer requirements. These problems include needle thread breakage, bobbin breakage, skipped, and imbalanced stitches. But the most renowned problem every sewer faces is that their sewing machines run slow and do not sew projects; if it does, they take a lot of time. You may also see our guide about how to slow the speed of a sewing machine.

Reasons Why My Sewing Machine Running Slowly

The numerous sewers report that their sewing machine is running slow, but they did not catch the problems and become regretful. This difficulty arises in beginners because they are unaware of their working and maintenance rules. The slowing of sewing machines occurs by these factors.

  1. Thread Jam
  2. Misuse of Lubricant
  3. Torn Parts
  4. Not Lubricate Properly\Correctly
  5. Machine not in use for a Long Time
  6. Broken Needles

I informed you about every because which slows down the sewing machines. By this, you become able to use your sewing machine in a proper way which protects it from creating problems.

Thread Jam

Sometimes the thread is stuck in a machine that does not give the sew that machine runs slow on projects and wastes a lot of time of sewers. Jam threading is occurring due to incorrect tightening and loosening of tension. The tightening of tension depends on the size of the fabrics and the needle size of which type you are sewing. Beginners are unaware of the importance of thread size, so they set the same size on each fabric.


Prevention is better than cure, so you should use tension manually. You should select the size of tension according to your projects, not too tight or loose. This care never slows down your sewing machine. Keep it up to date.

Misuse of Lubricant

The other cause of slowing your sewing machine is the misuse of lubricants which work in a reverse way that results in slowing the sewing machine. Various kinds of lubricants are available in the market with different life spans. Every machine requires different lubricants according to internal parts. Some machines require oil, and others need lubricant for maintenance and proper functioning.

The manufacturing machines now require lubricant because lubricant works efficiently and meets all sewer needs. Different machines have different oiling periods based on brands and accessories and the working conditions of sewers. If a machine requires oil and the sewer gives lubricant, it creates a problem that results in the slowing down of the machine.


Before purchasing a sewing machine, you should know if that machine requires oil or lubricant. If it requires oil or lubricant, then which sort of it? Then sewers should use relevant lubricant\oil for their machine that meets its basic needs.

Breakage of Parts

Sometimes machines did not perform well; then sewers became regretful that they did not understand what was happening in their machine because, from the outside, it looks well. Machines work slowly, which should be wasting the precious time of both customers and sewers. Running slow should be because one of its parts breaks due to working incorrectly on projects. All parts of sewing machines play a vital role in sewing. No one performs without the other because, for sewing, all parts must work similarly.

Some machines have a warranty of 25 years, and internal parts have a warranty of 2 to 5 years which vary from brand to brand and give surety that its parts did not perform well that you can replace or repair without paying any penny. If a broken part does not look from the outside, then it should be inside. Its beaks when machines come to shops from factories after manufacturing on trucks than by jumps on roads causes breakage of parts.


All the instructions for sewing machines are written in the box, so sewers should follow all these and use them carefully. If a sewer wants its machine to work better, it must maintain all its internal and external parts after purchase and before use.

Not Lubricate Properly

The slow running of the machine is because its lubrication does not do in a proper way, which creates problems for sewers. Slowing the running of a machine means wastage of time, and this sort of problem is faced by 99% of sewers. Some sewers lubricate their machine improperly way that some remains, which become the root of problems, but the sewers underestimate this by understanding this as a minor mistake.

As we know, lubrication is necessary for maintenance, resulting in working on projects. The lubrication period of sewing machines is not the same for each other because there is a difference in their internal and external parts.

Machine not in Use

The big cause of the slow running of machines is that it not been in use for a long time, that its parts become damaging. Sewers cannot look after by thinking they should be fine because they have not been used for a long time. This minor mistake becomes a large problem that confused the sewer when he used it for the sewing machine. Then, he faced many problems like jam threading, breakage, and slow running, which result in wasting of time.

If a machine is not used, take care of it because there are some weak parts in it that are vital in sewing and require proper maintenance after some weeks.


If a sewing machine is not used, maintain its condition from the inside and outside. If not used, its parts jam, creating difficulty like slow running.

Broken Needles

The sewing machine’s needle plays the most important part in sewing because you can’t sew anything without this. The needle is the backbone of sewing machines. Many needles are used according to the project’s requirements and the thin or thick fabric.

The role of the needle in a machine is important, but the breakage of the needle creates many problems, one of which is the slow running of the sewing machine. This problem occurs when the needle is broken and slows down. In the end, it stops.


Sewers should use those needles that meet their sewing projects and run the machine carefully. Sometimes beginners run the machine so fast that its parts begin to break, and the machine runs slow.

Tips for Curing Slow Running of Machine

  • Use the machine carefully because some parts are weak and cannot bear the sudden shock.
  • Let you know that your machine requires lubricants or oil for maintenance; then, you use what it wants.
  • If the machine is not in use, keep watching that its parts are in good condition and perform well.
  • Please select the good-quality thread that fulfills your sewing needs without problems.
  • Do not allow children to run the machine if they do not run correctly, which results in jam thread, breakage of parts, and needles.

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The price of sewing machines is different due to different brands and accessories. Many sewers are unaware of the problems of machines and cannot make the right decision when purchasing. Research the machines you will buy and pursue all instructions given for their safety.

Never compromise on its maintenance and use relevant material required according to projects because irrelevant material can create problems like slow working. Use sewing machine once a week which results in good working and cannot create any problem.

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