Types of Sewing Machine Bobbins Every Sewer Must Know

Types of Sewing Machine Bobbins
Types of Sewing Machine Bobbins

Each sewing machine requires a specific type of bobbin. Every sewing machine has different types of bobbins. The bobbin is the part sewing machine where the thread is wounded. The role of the bobbin in the sewing machine is necessary. The machine makes the stitch by taking the thread from the bobbin. Using a suitable bobbin in the machine grants the excellent quality of stitches.

There are over 60 different types of bobbins. Most sewing and industrial machines use only 3 types of bobbins. Every machine works better on such a bobbin that it requires. The quality of the stitches matters on the type of bobbin. Different bobbins have different sizes that can’t meet each other. Some machines don’t have bobbins for this they have chain stitch.

Introducing all types of bobbins is not easy. But we discuss three types of bobbins that most of the machines used.

Main Sewing Machine Bobbins

There are three main bobbins styles that many machines used.

  • Class 15 (A-Style)
  • L- Style
  • M- Style

1. Class 15 Style Bobbin

The class 15 style is exactly A-style. There are many sizes in A style. Every machine requires a special size for proper working. The A-style bobbins are used in commercials, homes, and embroidery machines. It is thicker than L style bobbin. The A-style is 1.81cm high and 2.070 in diameter. But it is not suitable for every machine. Before getting the A-style bobbin, check your machine manual to see which size suits your machine. The difference in size can affect the stitch quality.

 2. L-Style Bobbin

The L-style bobbin is commonly used in home sewing machines and embroidery. The L-style bobbins are thinner. The diameter measures approximately 20.3 mm and has a width of about 8.9 mm. Its size is not for all machines.

Its size is about an American nickel. It has two flat sides and is available in aluminum, metal, and plastic. It is also flat and narrow. Ensure the size of bobbin that suits your sewing machine. The stitch quality depends on the bobbin.

 3. M-Style Bobbin

The M-style bobbin is slightly different from L and A-style bobbins. The M-style bobbin is usually used on small-sized and large commercial machines. It is used in those machines for heavy fabrics, canvas, upholstery, and leather. The size is about an American nickel. Its diameter is 24.9mm and its width is 10.7mm.

There are many sorts of M-style bobbins on the market. All these bobbins are not related to each machine. Check your machine manual to verify which size of bobbin style is fit your machine. The suitable size of the bobbins works better on stitches.

Ways to use Bobbins

There are some useful ways that assist you in using bobbins.

  • Don’t use one bobbin in all sewing machines.
  • Some bobbins are for commercial, embroidery, and others are for home sewing machines.
  • Always use the right size of the bobbin.
  • Bobbins are responsible for the quality of stitches.
  • Check the machine manually to ensure the size.
  • Every bobbin has a different diameter that can’t match every machine.


There are many types of bobbins but 3 types are primarily used in commercial, small, and home machines. These bobbins are slightly different and can’t match with each machine. The role of the bobbin in machines is essential. The sewing machine takes the thread from the bobbin for stitches. The thread is wrapped around the bobbin.

The misuse of the bobbin creates hassle. The stitches depend on the type of bobbin. Before getting the bobbin, ensure the size. Each machine requires a different bobbin size. The size of the bobbin matters the quality of the stitch. It‘s important to ensure the machine manually to check the right size.

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