Things To Look for Before Buying a Sewing Machine

tips for buying sewing machine

A sewing machine can sew anything which sewers want related to their designs and styles. Sewing depends on the sewing machine if the machine does not run better then projects will not be produced of high quality than their competitors. Some machines did not perform well according to the needs of sewers on many designs, styles, and designs. But there are beginner sewers that cannot make the right decision before buying a sewing machine due to inexperience in sewing.

There are many things that every sewer wants to look at before buying a sewing machine that should be necessary. Buying the best sewing machine is a daunting task for reason that many machines are present that belong to different brands like Brother, Singer, Janome, Juki, etc. First, a sewer sees the brand of the machine and the pros and cons. You can read reviews from those who have bought specific machines and hear if they are satisfied with their purchase.

If a sewer buys a sewing machine from a dealer, it is beneficial for him for reason that he should use it before buying. They let you know the basic pieces of information and its maintenance method that a beginner does not know. If a sewer has any questions about its performance, it will be responsible for giving answers. If a machine has any sort of problem with working, it repairs on its responsibility.

There are many things that a sewer should look for before buying a sewing machine that is given below.

Stitch Options

Many machines offer stitches that are of many sorts and different from each other. These are stitch options.

  • Stretch straight – This is the stitch to use on anything you need to be secure after much use. It’s a precision stitch and you want a machine that can produce it correctly.
  • Tri-motion – finishes your edges and prevents unravelling.
  • Blind hem – Used to make hems that cannot be seen, or barely seen, from the right side of the clothing.
  • Buttonhole– A one-step buttonhole option will save you lots of grief if you ever need to make buttonholes for clothing or other projects such as shower curtains. Other stitches will be needed based on the specific projects you work on, but these are the basics you will need.
  • Straight stitch – This is the stitch you will use most often.
  • Zig Zag – Used when you need a finished look for raw edges.

Mechanical or Electronics

This is the second thing a sewer must look at before buying is whether this machine is mechanical or electronic. In mechanical machines, limited numbers of stitches occur, and sewers should turn the dial on which sort of stitch he wants. But in electronics, there are many numbers of stitch available where sewer adjustment and press the button which stitch, he wants according to the projects. Sewers must prefer those that perform well according to their projects.

Weight and Size of a Machine

This is the main factor that what be the size and weight of the machine. The reason is that many machines are heavy and large, but some are small and weight that can be carried. There are portable machines that are light in weight and size that sewers can carry to sewing classes and other places where they need them. Some machines are heavier than home-based and cannot be placed.


Buy a sewing machine that has a limited warranty of 25 years. Many machines did not have a warranty which means no surety of their performance that you can exchange them. There are a ton of machines in the marketplace that offers a warranty which gives if this does not perform well, the sewer has a favour of repairing without paying any penny. Sewers need to do their research and choose the machine that is right for their needs.


Buying the best sewing machine also depends on the budget for reason that if a sewer has a handsome amount, then he will be able to buy a good machine that fulfils his all needs. The machine is loaded with features that are not in a simple machine, but its cost will be high and produce high-quality projects. On the other hand, low-price machines will not offer the features of costly ones.

Beginners and Experienced Machine

Some machines are suitable for beginners and some for experts. The reason is that the machine which is for experts has many features that a beginner did not understand. Beginners need some experience with machine setup and their performance. Some machines are made for beginners that have manual and DVD from which they can learn how to use and solve the problem if the machine produces. Do deep research and buy those machines according to your experience and skills.


Machines that thread easily is preferable. If possible, try this out in the store and see how it works. If buying online see what past purchasers say. This is especially useful for sewers who no longer have perfect eyesight. A beginner needs to understand the basics, but experts are aware of the basics. A sewer wants a metal full rotary hook. This will avoid a lot of jams. You need a hook that goes around in a circle, not spins back and forth.


These are the things that a sewer looks for before buying a sewing machine. These minor features cannot be ignored if ignored, it creates many sorts of problems. Money is the need of every person for reason that everyone did not have the same financial condition. Before buying a sewing machine do deep research and peruse their pieces of information and accessories that benefit in taking the right thing that avoids regret.

Some machines are beginners friendly, and others are for experts. Make a clear-cut decision if you are a beginner or an expert then select the sewing machine according to your experience. In beginners’ friendly machines there is also a DVD option from where they learn how to operate and solve issues. Many machines did not come with a warranty which means it does not perform according to needs for a long time so don’t select this one. Buy that machine that matches your budget and runs best on your projects.

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