Singer Sewing Machine Bobbin Winding Problems

Singer Sewing Machine Bobbin Winding Problems

There are many sorts of sewing machines in the sewing industry. These are Brother, Janome, Singer, and more. All these machines create problems that are the same and different. Every sewing machine has a bobbin. It plays a vital role in the sewing machine. There are three types of bobbins that require suitable for the device.

Sometimes the bobbin winding can’t adjust in the singer sewing which creates hassle. The process of winding of bobbin is not easy. The bobbin in the machine is essential for sewing. The bobbin winding is a time-consuming process. It is located almost on the left side of the singer machine.

A minor mistake in the bobbin winding can cause problems with tension, threading issues, and needles. In this article, you will learn how to fix it and how many problems you can face.

Problems of Winding in Sewing Machine

There are three main problems that occur in the machine due to the bobbin winding.

  • The thread breaks during sewing and gives the skip stitches.
  • The sewing machine creates tension problems.
  • Sometimes needle breaks stop the sewing process.

Parts of Bobbin Winding

There are four main parts of the bobbin winding that play an essential role in the singer machine.

  • The Bobbin
  • The Spool Cap
  • Winder Arm
  • Bobbin Winding Shaft

 1. The Bobbin

Thebobbin itself plays a vital role in a sewing machine. The bobbins are of three types. The bobbin passes the thread to the winder shaft.

 2. The Spool Cap

It secures the spindle and has a small hole in the centre that the thread must pass through to be wound onto the bobbin. The machine takes the thread from the bobbin.

 3. Winder Arm

It is attached to the machine body. It comes with a tension spring. This spring keep the thread tight as it winds on the bobbin.

 4. Winding Shaft

It is attached to the bobbin winder arm and turns as you rotate the arm.

Issues that Cause Winding Problems

There are some critical issues that create the winding problem in the machine. All these are given below.

  • You’re not using the right bobbin in your machine.
  • The incorrect thread in the bobbin creates problems in the sewing process.
  • The bobbin winder shaft is not attached securely to the bobbin.
  • There is no thread on the spool of thread or in the machine’s needle, causing it to stop abruptly.
  • An irrelevant needle in the machine stops working. The thread is trapped under the tension spring of the bobbin winder arm.

Tips that Avoid the Problem

There are some tips that assist you in fixing the problems.

  • Before using the machine ensure that the bobbin is adjusted correctly.
  • Always use the right bobbins that your machine requires.
  • Make sure that you insert the thread is correct for the machine and its bobbin.
  • The tension dicks should not match each other.
  • Don’t use the damaged bobbin in the sewing machine.
  • Ensure the bobbin winder arm is in the correct position and is tightened securely


If you have a singer sewing machine and it creates the problem of bobbin winding, then you can easily solve the problem.

  • First, check that bobbin is correctly installed.
  • Try inserting yours correctly and ensuring it’s appropriately seated in the housing.
  • Ensure that thread is coming out of the slot at the top of the bobbin and going into the hole in the side of the bobbin.
  • If there is a lot of thread wrapped in the bobbin try to cut it with scissors.
  • Check that your bobbin is not damaged if replace it with the new one.
  • Keep the proper maintenance of the bobbin for reason dust and lint can stops the bobbin from winding.
  • Try loosening one side and tightening the other side.
  • You may also need to tighten the tension on your machine. The tension will help move your bobbin thread, which will help wind up the bobbins.


The singer is the best machine for sewing. Sometimes it creates the problem of the bobbin winding. Before using the machine check the all-bobbin settings. Keep maintaining the machine because dust and lint can affect the bobbin badly.

Install the bobbin in the right way. All these preventions assist you in singer bobbin winding. Avoid using the damaged bobbin in the machine and apply the tips and tricks that solve the problem, so it did not raise again in the machine.

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