Sewing Machine not Stitching Properly

Sewing Machine not Stitching Properly
Sewing Machine not Stitching Properly

Sewing machines have many problems and one of them is the stitching problem. Stitching is the function of sewing machines. The process of stitches depends on the bobbin. The bobbin provides the thread for stitches. It is a severe problem with sewing machines.

There are many causes for those stitches don’t occur properly. In this article, we cover all the causes and give you all the necessary tips and solutions. After reading this article you would be able to fix that.

Causes of Sewing Machine not Stitching Properly

These are the following causes.

  1. Incorrect Needle
  2. Incorrect thread size
  3. Poor fabric control
  4. Incorrect bobbin 
  5. Maintenance

 1. Incorrect Needle

The use of an incorrect needle in the sewing machine creates hassle. It creates a problem that affects the stitching. The needle is the direct link to the stitching process. Therefore, stitches don’t occur properly.


The simple and easy solution is to replace the needle. The problem is with a needle. Always ensure that the needle you’re using is suitable for your machine.

 2. Incorrect Thread Size

Every sewing machine requires a specific thread size according to the manuals. The thread size plays a vital role in the machine. A minor change in the thread can create a hassle. You can’t get the proper stitches with incorrect thread size. It doesn’t go correctly for stitches.


Please check your machine manual to ensure the thread size that suits you. The thread size is different in each machine. By adjusting the correct thread size you can solve this.

3. Poor fabric Control

Another reason for it is poor fabric control. It occurs due to the presser foot. The fabric is not run in a proper way. The more loosening and tightening of the fabric leads to many problems like this. The scale of loosening and tightening of fabrics is different in every machine. It also depends on the types of fabrics.


There are different sorts of fabrics. Each fabric has a different loosening and tightening scale that can’t match every machine manual. Before using fabrics for sewing, adjust the presser foot according to the sewing condition.

 4. Incorrect Bobbin

There are many kinds of bobbins. The stitch quality depends on the type of bobbin you’re using. Bobbins have different diameters that do not relate to every machine. The misuse of the bobbin in the machine affects the stitch quality. The machine takes the thread directly from the bobbin. If there comes a minor difference in the bobbin, the machine doesn’t give the stitches properly.


As the stitches’ quality depends on the bobbins. The thread for stitches goes through the bobbin. Check the machine manually to ensure which size of bobbin suits your machine.

 5. Maintenance

The other reason should be maintained. Some sewers can’t be oiling their machine. Every machine requires maintenance at its time. Maintenance also affects the stitching process. Give such oil that your machine requires, it creates many problems like this.


The solution is to maintain your machine. Keep maintenance at the required time. Maintenance is necessary for its life and functions.

Tips to overcome stitching problem

There are some tips that assist you in solving the stitching problem.

  1.  Always use the stable needle that suits your machine.
  2.  Keep the size of fabrics according to your machine requirement.
  3.  Avoid keeping the same size on every machine.
  4.  Adjust the presser foot of your machine properly.
  5.  Before getting the bobbin ensure your machine manual.


The stitching problem with the machine occurs with these factors. Every sewing machine has its own setting that can’t match others. Stitching is the basic function of every machine. The machine takes the thread from the bobbin. The bobbin plays a vital role in stitches. The problem is can be solvable.

 Before using anything in the machine set it according to the machine manual. By doing this your machine keeps up to date and creates any sort of hassle.

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