Sewing Machine Not Running Smoothly – Issue Solved

Sewing Machine Not Running Smoothly

As human needs food for energy to perform their daily work. If this food is not according to their taste, they get ill. They don’t perform well if not getting food on time. Similarly, sewing machines required oil or lubrication for their performance.

Machine’s performance depends on their parts and maintenance system. Some machines are heavy while some are lightweight that are categorized into home and factory oriented. Some machines have foot. With the help of the foot a sewer can move it any place where he wants. The computerized and portable machines are different from other simple machines.

Due to the technical problems, sewing machines may not run smoothly which is a common problem. It can result in many complications for sewers, such as jamming and not sewing properly. Seeking this sort of problem can be disappointing for sewers. If you’re one of the sewers who is facing such issues, you need not worry about it. In this article, we’re going to educate how you can fix these issues. The sewer can easily fix it and continue the work without any hassle.

Causes of Machine Not Running Smoothly (Solutions)

Following are the factors that cause the machines not to run smoothly which are given below;

1. Improper Lubrication

Old-fashioned machines require oiling for their maintenance after the regular intervals to work efficiently. But now a days it comes, many new machines that are computerized and electronics that don’t require lubrication. It increases the efficiency of machines. If a machine is creating a problem, the cause can be lubrication not done in the proper way that it requires. Choose those types of lubrication that are required because improper lubrication can damage the parts resulting in such a serious problem.

2. Damaging Parts Inside

Every sewing machine whether it’s computerized or electrical has small parts which are barely visible. All these parts look small in size but play a vital role in performance. Sometimes kids operate the machine faster than the recommended speed. Its parts may get damaged causing the machine to run slowly. The parts of the machines are not enough strong that they can bear any sudden jerk. Beware of those sewers who don’t know how to operate the machine properly.

3. Machines Not Using for a Long Time

Not using a sewing machine for a long time is the primary factor in this problem. Some sewers use machines daily while others use machines occasionally. Not using sewing machines for a long time can jam the major parts that have a big hand in working. It also decreases the efficiency of the machine and layers of dust and rust attack these parts. Some parts stop working due to not using properly. Always clean the machine from the inside and outside so that it protects from rusting and jamming.

4. Bending of the Needle

The bending of the needle can stop the sewing. Bending of needle occurs due to operating the machine at high speed than the average. It doesn’t sew fabrics properly. There are many sorts of fabrics and stitches which require different needles. Using the same needle in all projects can cause bending. The sewing machines also require contrasting needles according to projects.

 5. Jamming of Thread

Sometimes the thread is stuck in the machine that stops the working causing the machine to run slow. Jamming occurs due to improper tightening and loosening of tension. The tightening of tension depends on the size of the fabrics. Beginners are unaware of the importance of thread size, so they set the same size on each fabric which affects the machine performance.

6. Breakage of Parts

Sometimes machines don’t perform well due to the breakage of parts. It can cause running the machines slowly and wastage of time. Operating the machine improperly can cause the breakage of parts. All parts of sewing machines play a vital role in sewing. All parts of the machine are so connected that the breakage of one part can stop the overall working of the machine.

 7. Use Required Fabrics

The improper use of the fabrics in sewing machines also leads to slowing the performance. There are many machines in the market that sew only thick while others sew both. The stuffing of the fabrics jams the machine and slows down performance.

Cautions for Problems

We’re going to discuss some cautions that assist the sewers in solving such problems;

  • Use a sewing machine in a way that all its parts are used properly.
  • Make sure that you are using suitable lubricant for maintenance.
  • Make a routine of cleaning the sewing machine so that it avoids the parts from rusting and jamming.
  • Lubricate in the proper quantity which is required for its maintenance.
  • Don’t ask the kids for operating the machine, they are unaware of its functionality and working.
  • Don’t keep the machine unused for a long time as it decreases the efficiency.
  • Make use of matching needles that fulfill your needs.
  • Sew those fabrics which are suitable, not do stuffing of fabrics.
  • Please choose the good-quality thread that fulfills your sewing needs.


As prevention is better than cure so use your sewing machines carefully. Look after the sewing machine before and after use. The sewing will be done well if the sewer never compromises on its maintenance. Machines are of many types that are different from each other in accessories and feed different materials. Today the prices of machines are high which everyone can’t afford. So, use the machine carefully so that you don’t need to buy a new one. Always use good quality parts and maintenance materials.

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