How to thread a sewing machine

How to thread a sewing machine In this post, you’ll learn how to thread a sewing machine Here’s an excellent New Year resolution: Get out your sewing machine and get started again. Sure, that sounds great, but what was the last time you sat down and tried to thread your sewing machine or tackle machine sewing? This tutorial will show you the exact steps for threading a sewing machine, including lots of photos and clear instructions
. Step 1
Put the cotton on the spool at the top of the machine. There may be an upright peg or a lying peg depending on the make of your machine. When you start sewing
Step 2
on top, Your machine may have a plastic disk to place on top of the spool to hold it in place. This Brother machine has a rather large guide. Often the guide will be a small button-like knob
Step 3
Pull the thread through the thread Getting the hang of using a sewing machine can be easy once you’ve done it a few times. It’s kind of like driving a car – you just get used to it. Once you figure out how to thread your sewing machine correctly, it’ll become so natural you won’t have to think about it…


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