How to Slow the Speed of a Sewing Machine

How to Slow the Speed of a Sewing Machine
How to Slow the Speed of a Sewing Machine

The process of slowing down a sewing machine is quite different. Many sorts of sewing machines have different features and functions. The slow speed of sewing machines leads to better sewing without any hassle. Some machines are used in factories and others in homes. The average speed of the sewing machine is based on the quality of the projects. Sewing machines sew projects that can’t relate to others.

 Sewing at a higher speed can’t give correctness to projects. Some sewers like to sew at high speed and others at slow speed. The fast speed of machines is suited to lighter fabrics. Most machines in industries work at a fast speed because they are working on the same fabrics and sewing the same pattern. If you are loaded with many projects and have a short time, operate the machine at a higher speed.

For beginners, working at a slow speed is better for your skill and projects. It would help if you operated machines at a speed that suits your projects. Expert sewers can operate the machines at a higher speed. Here we have ways to slow down a sewing machine that assist you.

Best Ways to Slow Down Your Sewing Machine

 1. Have a speed reducer

Having a speed reducer with a sewing machine is necessary. It can be installed under the sewing machines table. Speed reducer assists you in reducing the speed according to your will. There are many machines some are industrial and others are heavy-duty machines. Their speed reducer is also different from each other. Use a speed reducer relevant to your machine.

 2. Change the pulley of the Sewing Machine motor

The other way of slowing down a sewing machine is by changing the pulley of the machine motor. A small pulley of the motor can slow down the speed of industrial sewing machines. The diameter of the pulley varies from 45mm to 80mm. The diameter of the pulley varies from machine to machine. Adjust the diameter of the machine according to your machine.

 3. Use Servo Motor

Another way of slowing down a sewing machine is a servo motor. If you are using a clutch motor then replace it with a servo motor. Servo motor is used for heavy-duty machines. There are many types of servo motors in the market. All these motors are used for different sorts of machines like industrial and leather. For heavy-duty machines, you need to use a powerful sewing machine. The servo motor uses electricity up to 60% to 80 %.

Tips for Slowing Down Sewing Machine

There are some essential tips that assist you in slowing down a sewing machine.

  • Sewing machines are of different kinds that can’t operate at the same speed.
  • Speed varies from machine to machine.
  • Some projects are sewn on normal and others like industrial projects sew at high speed.
  • Sewing machines have different sewing speeds for the different tools required for these.
  • Servo motors can be used for slowing the speed of a machine.
  • Flatfoot can slow down a sewing machine.
  • Changing the pulley of the sewing machine motor can reduce the speed.
  • Operate the machine according to project requirements.


Slow speed suit some machines not all. All machines don’t relate to each other. Many machines like heavy-duty and industrial machines require more speed than standard machines. Industrial machines work on the same patterns. The speed of home-based machines can easily be controlled by hands.

Machines can operate at a higher speed when you’re sewing all projects of the same patterns. The projects of the same patterns can’t create any hassle at high speed. Many tools like servo motor and pulley are used to slow down the sewing machines. You use tools related to your machines.

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