How Often Should You Oil the Sewing machine?

How Often Should You Oil the Sewing machine

Everything in the world runs on its feed. Because feed is necessary for performing the task. If you cannot supply, enough feed to them then they will not perform. Each thing in the world has its feed. Similarly, the feed of the sewing machine is oil. Oil is compulsory for its maintenance and functioning.

The sewing machine is an investment in the sewing profession which play a major role as a strong piece of equipment that works in a stupendous way and increases the ways of income in less time. If a machine cannot get proper oiling according to its requirement, then it generates problems and did not perform well. So, there is a need to be prudent about sewing machine maintenance.

In the market, lubricated sewing machines are available which does not require oil for their maintenance. You have a sewing machine of the older version, you need to oil your machine depending on your way of working. If you are working on a heavier project, then you should oil your machine in four months. If you make use of the machine on daily basis, then it requires oil three times a week.

A machine is not in use for four to five years, its oil becomes inferior due to causing a lot of hassle. You should change it immediately which is not a difficult task.

 Importance of Sewing Machines Oil

Some beginners and experts are unaware of the importance of sewing machine oil. Oil is the feed of a machine that ensures that all parts of the machine perform well. Newer machines do not require oil because they are lubricated. The oiling of a machine in perfect time extends its life and performance. Some sewers work on heavier projects and some work daily. The sewers that work on heavier projects than their sewing machine require oiling in four months. Change the oil of the machine when you realize that it does not perform well.

Oiling of the Sewing machine.

There is a need to change the sewing machine oil. If the machine is used daily for sewing and quilting, then you are required to replace it three times a week. If you are not working days, then you replace it after four months. Some sewers face a lot of problems replacing machine oil. They are unaware of the time of changing machine oil but not more. You can find out from the manual that it is given with a sewing machine. If that manual is not required, then you can easily find it from an online search. Because technology has proved itself. There is a solution to every problem. You can get all instructions about the oiling of the sewing machine.

Benefits of Oil

Sewing machines run on oil. Oil maintains the performance of machines which makes its parts enable that they work in stupendous ways without creating any hassle. The sewing machine performs well on each type of fabric and project.

Life Period of Sewing Machine Oil

The life period of sewing machine oil is five years. This period is not fixed for sewing machines. If your machine is not in use, then it requires professional services, and oil can go bad and dry out which results in damage to machine parts. Sewing machine oil can be stored for five. Keep it away from sunlight and extreme temperatures which make oil bad. The biggest sign of bad oil is that its color changes and produces an irritating odor.

Oil for Modern Machine

Nowadays modern machines do not require oil. These sewing machines are lubricated and called self-lubricating. They do not need to be added oil to them, but they need servicing. A machine that is pre-lubricated does not require any additional lubricant.

Types of Sewing Machine Oil

There are different types of sewing machines oil which can be used in them. These oils do not damage the parts of the machine and increase the performance of the machine which results in sewing the projects quickly. Here we have a few types of oil.

Goldstar Sewing Machine Oil

This oil is used for clearing and would not damage the parts of the sewing machine. This machine is best for oxidation and prevents the parts from rusting. This oil works well in home and industrial sewing machines. This oil is easy to design with high quality and has an affordable price.

Genuine Juki Defrix Sewing machine oil.

This Genuine Defrix oil is the legend of oils. Most experts recommend this oil due to its functionality and quality. This oil is best for commercial and domestic sewing machines whether it’s Juki or others. It is colorless and lightweight and the bottle itself is hard to handle.

Zoom Spout

Zoom spouts work well for sewing machines. It is refined reliably and easy to use. Sewers love Zoom spouts because it is colorless and pure formula. If it gets on material, then it does not destroy them.

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is an inexpensive oil that is petroleum-based. This is an option for sewing machines to prevent them from rusting.

Clock oil

If your sewing machine has ended and you have been stuck in a problem that the machine does not work without oil, then you use Clock oil in an emergency but not for the long term. You need to replace it as soon as possible.

Lily White Oil

Lily-white oil is best for beginners who do not have experience with sewing machines and their oiling. This oil has no side effects on sewing machines. This oil is colorless and would not damage the fabric if you accidentally use it over the requirement.

Clipper Blade Oil

This oil can be used as a substitute and play a role in increasing the performance and consistency of machines.

Tri-Flow Oil

Tri-flow oil is mainly used in chains for bicycles, and you can safely use it in the sewing machine. It does not affect the parts of the sewing machine.

Which Oil is Best for Sewing Machine?

There is a lot of sewing machine oil which are available. There are two major types of oils one is synthetic and other mineral-based oil. Synthetic oils are beneficial for both plastic and metal parts but more expensive than mineral-based oil. Mineral oil is petroleum-based oil that is colorless and odorless. It also depends on which type of sewing machine you are using. But Zoom spout oil is mineral-based oil that is most favorable for sewing machines due to its high rating. It is highly pure and of high quality which increases efficiency and extends life.

Avoid Using these Oils

Here we have a few oils that are harmful to sewing machines that result in damaging parts which result in poor performance.

  • WD-40
  • Baby oil
  • Lamp oil
  • Olive oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Cooking spray
  • Butter, lard, animal fats
  • Kerosene, gasoline, or fuels

Tips for Extending the Life of Sewing Machine

Here we have a few tips which increase the performance and efficiency of your sewing machine. These tips apply to each type of sewing machine.

  • Clean your machine regularly.
  • Lubricate your machine with the correct oil.
  • Consider a tune-up from a professional about once a year.
  • Make sure you are using the proper needle for your machine.
  • Make sure you are using the properly sized bobbin for your machine.
  • Keep your sewing machine into its cover after using
  • Always keep your sewing machine in that place where no chances of dust

Checking of Oil

Most sewers are unaware of determining the oil that would be bad or good but not more after seeking these signs you become able to determine the difference between good and bad. Good and bad oil also matter in the performance and maintenance of sewing machine life.

  • Colour changing or becoming cloudy
  • Odd or foul odor
  • Sediment in the container
  • Thick consistency
  • Your sewing machine is making a lot of noise
  • Giving an irritating odor
  • Cannot fulfill your sewing requirements
  • Breaking thread


Proper care of a sewing machine will extend its life and performance. Proper care of sewing machines increases their efficiency which results in sewing projects. Because sewing machines are an investment in the sewing profession. If it does not work long term, then sewers feel regretful. Everyone cannot afford the price of a sewing machine. So, for this, every sewer should be prudent in its caring. Do professional services of sewing machines once a year. The oil you use should be of better quality. You should avoid sewing machine oil from sunlight and other factors that affect it.

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