Best Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine for Leather

Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine for Leather

Are you confused about getting the best industrial walking foot sewing machine? The webpage you have reached is the perfect one. Leather is obtained from animals’ skin and plays a vital role in making clothes, footwear, etc. Leather is the main part that has been used worldwide due to its importance which no one denies. Everyone was confused to see a lot of leather sewing machines having the walking foot. The sewing machine for leather come in various varieties of shapes, colors, and brands. There was no concept of the sewing machine that has a walking foot but now this is possible.

Many years ago sewing machines did not have a walking foot, so for working the in other rooms or houses sewers have been carried to take them from one to another place. This creates problems for sewers, but technology has made progress and introduced sewing machines that have walking feet. These machines have made the work easy and if a sewer wants to take it from one industry to another then no need to carry or move it.

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We Recommended the Best Sewing Machine for Leather

When the sewers go to market for purchasing the best machine for leather, there arises a problem that 99% of sewers in the world fail to solve the problem. The problem is that sewers become double-minded and cannot make the right decision. I am sure that if you peruse this article from start to end then you become able to make a right while purchasing the machines that help you in your daily life.







REX Portable Walking-Foot Sewing Machine


Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Upholstery Machine


Brother Serger 1034D Heavy-Duty Machine


JUKI DNU-1541 Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine


Consew CP206RL Portable Walking Foot Machine

1. REX Portable Walking-Foot Sewing Machine

Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine for Leather

The REX is the best industrial leather sewing machine with a walking foot. The machine is portable having a powerful motor of 110 volts. The machine can sew 4 layers of leather, canvas, and vinyl. This machine is loaded with a lot of features that help beginners for getting the right experience. The Rex607 has Skip Stitch Technology that sews up to 1200 stitches per minute in an efficient way without creating any sort of hassle.

This provides great work on leather projects like purses, bags, footwear, and leather articles. The machine has a warranty of 25 years which gives surety that its parts perform well without any problem if not then you replace or repair it without paying any penny. REX has a good stitch length of 6mm and a needle stroke of 30 mm which means you can adjust the length according to the project length. This provides the sewers with various sewing designs like zigzag and has LED that ensures you work in absence of your household light.

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Speed, Max. 800 spm
Stitch Length, Max. 6mm
Needle Bar Stroke 30mm
Needle DP x 17
Bed Size 14 1/2″ x 7″
Underarm Space 7″ x 4 1/2″
Bobbin Size Class 15 / Style A
Power 1/10th HP, 110 volts, AC Motor, 1.5 amp
Net Weight 38 lbs.


  • Foot Pedal Control
  • Needles
  • Bobbins
  • Foot Pedal
  • Thread Stand
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Powerful Motor that performs well.
  • A Warranty of 25 years is more than enough.
  • LED Light that ensures to work in the dark
  • It produces some noise.

Our Verdict

This is the sewing machine for leather in the industry. This helps beginners for getting experience and polish their skills. If you bear some noise during working, then it will be the best machine for fulfilling your requirements.

2. Consew 206RB-5 Walking Foot Upholstery Machine

Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine for Leather

The Consew 206RB-5 is the best sewing machine for leather that meets all the needs of customers and sewers. The machine performs well on both heavy and lightweight materials like vinyl, footwear, and sports shoes without generating any sort of noise. This comes with a servo motor that uses less energy resulting in producing high-quality projects.

The machine has a detailed instruction manual where you can get all information however if you are stuck on any problem then solve it by watching the video. The machine also gives many samples of decorations with a stitch length of 10mm. This comes with a locking stitch generator that prevents the changes from producing vibrations. With walking feet, the sewer can move from one place to other. The machine quickly sews the projects because of its high speed of 3300 SPM.


Single-needle 135 x 17
Walking foot
Standard workspace
Standard functions
Max speed 3300 SPM
High presser foot lift – 14mm
Stitch length 2 1/2 spm (10mm)
Bed size 7″ 18 7/8″ (178mm x 480mm)
Stitch type 301
Needle bar stroke 1 5/16″ (33mm)


  • Long stitch – 10mm
  • Large bobbin – change without removing work from the machine
  • Handy thread release finger
  • Centralized arm lubrication
  • All gear drove hook mechanism
  • Safety clutch with push-button re-engagement
  • Adjustable reverse stitching (can be the same length as forwarding stitch)
  • Standard attachments are easily installed
  • Compound feed – walking foot provides even feeding of material
  • Locking stitch regulator prevents changes in stitch length from vibration
  • They use up to 90% less power than clutch motors.
  • They are 1/3 lighter than clutch motors.
  • With a flick of the switch, you can reverse motor rotation.
  • No parts to wear out or adjust.
  • No matter how hard you press the foot pedal configured speed remains the same.
  • It isn’t easy to set up and install.

Our Verdict

The Consew is the best machine for sewing leather in the industries with the walking foot having a powerful motor that uses less energy resulting in producing good quality projects. If sewers learn how to install and set up, then this will be fine for them.

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3. Consew Upholstery Walking Foot Industrial Sewing

Consew upholstery is the best sewing machine for leather in industries having white color. The machine has a wide table that assists the sewer while working on large projects. Consew walking industrial sewing machine has a powerful motor that sews on all types of fabrics.  Consew is the best brand this is specially designed for upholstery and leather materials and has a durable frame.

It has an industrial level for producing high-quality footwear and jackets for winter. It works in the best way on heavy fabric due to the high range of custom features. The machine works efficiently on a large project due to its sturdy nature.


Color White
Material Alloy Steel
Item Weight 185 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 48 x 24 x 36 inches
Power Source AC
Is Electric Yes


  •  Cone Thread Stand
  •  Centralized Lubrication System
  • Large Bobbin
  • Reverse Stitch Lever
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Excellent stitch quality on upholstery
  • Suitable for high-volume sewing
  • Quick and efficient to Use
  • Compatible with other models
  • Difficult to assemble

Our Verdict

This is the best industrial walking foot sewing machine for leather and other heavy materials which deliver good quality that another machine cannot do.  The problem is that it is difficult to install if the sewer overcomes this then it will be good.

4. JUKI DNU-1541 Industrial Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Juki is the brand that has supplied many sewing machines in the world model DNU- 1541 is the best industrial walking foot sewing machine, especially for leather and other materials that are used in our daily life. The machine is best for masters and for those who want to work on a large amount in less time, it will finish all the projects each time because it grants 2500 stitches per minute.

The Juki has a large bobbin that assists in working on large materials like leather bags and upholstery. DNU-1541 has an option for changing needles and thread because regular work on leather will bend the needles that damage and cannot continue further, similarly thread also changes from material to material. The machine has a self-lubricating system where sewers do not need to lubricate the machine. This has a presser foot which made it capable of working on both light and heavy fabrics.


Max. Sewing Speed 2,500 Stitch per Minute
Needle Bar Stroke 36mm.
Lift of the Presser Foot by Hand 9mm.
Lift of the Presser Foot by Knee 16mm.
Thread Take-Up Slide Type.
Amount of Altering Vertical Movement 2.5~6.5mm.
Hook Horizontal-Axis Full-Rotary Double-Capacity Hook.


  •  Needles 135×17.
  • Large “M” Style bobbins
  • Needle Plate – JUKI #214-10006.
  • Walking Foot Presser Foot Kit – 18 Sets of Feet.
  • Feed Dog – JUKI #400-19908. PRESSER FOOT KIT.
  • Has a self-lubricating system; no more oiling your machine!
  • Strong, industrial design
  • Great for both lighter and heavier materials
  • Quiet to operate
  • Not as easy to operate

Our Verdict

The machine is the best choice for leather and other both light and heavy materials. Juki has a self-lubricating system this machine sews quickly. The machine is not easy to learn because it is difficult to use due to its functions.

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5. Consew CP206RL Portable Walking Foot Machine

This is the third model of the brand Consew has a walking foot used in leather industries. The machine is portable and specially designed for sewing bags and footwear without creating any sort of hassle for sewers. This machine has a long arm that assists in accessing hard projects like cuffs and hems during sewing. This is also used for stitching such products as auto, boat, and furniture upholstery, tarpaulins, covers, sails, tents, camping trailer covers, awnings, umbrellas, tops, bags, luggage, and handbags.

The machine has a powerful motor that helps in providing maximum stitch length. All its material is made up of metal having a carrying case and a horizontal carrying case. The Consew has a single needle and works at a maximum speed of 800 spm that is not fixed and varies from fabric to fabric and is similar to materials.


Speed, Max. spm 800
Stitch Length, Max 6 mm
Needle Bar Stroke 30 mm
Needle 155 x 17, DB x 17, 18-23
Motor ⅒th HP, 110 vacs, 1 ½ amp
Bed Size 14 ½” x 7″
Underarm Space 9 ½” x 4 ½”
Net Weight 18.6 kg (41 lbs)


  • Single Needle
  • Drop Feed
  • Walking foot
  • Horizontal Oscillating Hook
  • Reverse Stitching
  • Built-in 110vac Motor
  • Link-type thread take-up lever
  • Portable sewing power that you can bring wherever you need!
  • Foot Pedal & Carrying Case
  • Hard plastic carrying case included (20 ¾” x 13 ½” x 10″)
  • Deluxe Foot Control.
  • Powerful motor that reduces sewers effort and works efficiently.
  • Best for working on both light and heavyweight projects.
  • The machine is not easy to operate.

Our Verdict

This machine is best for leather and other fabric like heavy and lightweight. The machine is difficult to handle due stupendous function that every machine does not have. If sewers learn how to operate, it will be best for the future.

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Here we talk about the best industrial walking foot sewing machines for leather basis on their features, accessories, and specifications. Every machine is different from the others in having specific functions and operating methods. Sewers are also confused and cannot be the best machine for leather according to its requirements.

But Consew 206RB-5 is the best machine for leather having maximum speed and stitch length. It has a detailed instructions system where sewers can learn how to operate the machine. The machine can work on both light and heavy materials that sound good.

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